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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today, I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness to my God that Walker seems healthy. We have two friends that have had recent diagnoses that their babies aren't well. One lost their fight today, just shy of 22 weeks. I can't imagine the pain of laboring to deliver a baby that's already gone to heaven. I can't imagine that crushing pain of loss. Labor is so mentally and physically challenging and to have no hope of the reward of your baby in the end....

Another friend of ours has learned that their baby has a birth defect that will require immediate surgery as soon as they are born. So much hurt and unanswered questions. I'm grateful both of them are trusting in God for hope and comfort, but it still hurts.

Every single kick, jab and poke Walker gives me, I rejoice. Rejoice that he's healthy and strong, rejoice that he's alive, rejoice that we'll meet him and hold him in just a few short months.
Anyone who's been pregnant has to admit that it's not always fun or easy. Being pregnant is hard work. There's a reason they equate it to climbing Mt. Everest! Your hips hurt (this time my hips hurt much earlier and much worse than they ever did with Coleman), you get heart burn, you get tired, and then there are those crazy insane hormones driving you (and your husband!) cRaZy. But, it's all worth it, because you know that prize you're getting in the end.
This time it's been so much harder waiting for Walker's birth day to arrive, because I KNOW how amazing it is to have a baby. Coleman's birth was really rough and traumatic. There's still a lot of hurt and fear I have to work through while I'm waiting on Walker, but he's worth the wait.

Psalm 34:18
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit


  1. Read your friend's blog today. I don't know them. Wow. As he said, heartbreaking.

    When is your due date? Praying for you. Seems the body hurts more with each one. Cait was the hardest, but oh! Such a blessing!!!

    Glad you're blogging! I'll add you to my list of reads!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Technically I'm due June 14th, but I'm planning on the 28th since I went two full weeks over with Coleman. I was shocked how much more my hips hurt this time. It's hard to get dressed sometimes! lol!