green dots

Monday, May 28, 2012

I just wanted to post these pics on my long forgotten blog so I could pin them. :)
The only "before" picture I could find of my closet happens to have my mom holding Walker when he was less than 24 hours old. :) I wish I had a better "before picture." The closet hasn't had doors in a long time (they broke shortly after I moved in eight years ago). It's always looked ugly with all my photo albums in the top & my clothes messy in the closet & shoes at the bottom. It often became a dumping ground for miscellaneous junk. :(
We just got back from Galveston last week & we really love the beach, so I made a little retreat right in my room. Now I can lay in bed & look at the ocean. Ha ha! :)
My sewing machine was a gift from a former friend and co-worker. It's her mom's 1960 Singer and it's still a workhorse!
I had the biggest round basket already, but all the other containers and baskets came from Hobby Lobby's clearance. The most I paid for any of them was $6.00 for the square basket on the top right with the window. It holds my current material for projects I need to start soon.