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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

Coleman has proven to be quite entertaining the last few months. Especially the last three weeks or so. His vocabulary has really exploded and he often repeats everything we say. Yikes...

A few days ago, he was laying in bed with us after he woke up and Mark brought him into our room. We asked him if he wanted to tell his bubba (his name for Walker) good morning. He proceeded to lift my shirt and speak directly into my belly button. He poked and prodded me with his finger and then said "See Walk Ur. See him growing?" Ha ha ha! So cute! I told him we still have a few months to go before we can see him.

We took him to a Barons hockey game last weekend and he was totally enamored. He loved it. (Thanks dad for the tickets! Our seats were AWESOME!) During all the pre-game activities, he shrieked and clapped enthusiastically when everyone else did. He had us totally in stitches. Since the game he's become, let's say... a little preoccupied with hockey. Maybe obsessed is a better word. Yesterday he insisted on "HOCKEY GAME!" and and watched 15 minutes of game highlights from an old USA vs Canada game on YouTube.
He ran an errand with Mark last night. The lady helping them asked him his name to which he responded "Colemean." (Yes, that's really the way he says it!) Mark said, "are you going to have a baby brother? What's his name?" To which Coleman responded, "Hockey." lol. Mark said, "NO! What's your BROTHER'S name?" Coleman..."Hockey?" Sigh. Mark informed the lady that we would NOT be naming our baby Hockey. Bummer for Coleman, but I think Walker will thank us in the long run. :)

Yesterday Coleman walked all over the house playing with his baby that Nana (Aunt Caren, my sister) got him for Christmas. He would say "Night night. Go seepy. See you in the morning. Get covers!" Also, every time I would ask him what he wanted to eat he would scream "CANDY! COOOOKIES" Nice... Here he is enjoying one of the cookies I made this week, still sleepy from his nap.

He's also gotten very adept at ordering Riley around. Riley has sadly discovered he's a dog since Coleman arrived at our house. His life just isn't the same. He spends his days chasing cats in the yard, getting in trouble for being on the furniture and trying to steal food from Coleman, or if he's lucky, Coleman is in the mood to share and willingly feeds him from his highchair. :/

Riley bounded inside yesterday and went straight for Coleman looking for food. Coleman looked at him and said "Go to bed. Now!" HA HA HA! Now I wonder where he's heard that?
Today he was telling him to shut up while he was barking. Hmmm...guess I should come up with something nicer to get the dog to be quiet. Coleman has also learned we use the word "hup" to get Riley to jump on the bed and he was telling him "hup" trying to get him on the bed with him. Oh, and last but not least, when I tell Coleman to sit down, he in turn replies "Good boy" when he sits. It's hysterical. I'm so glad I've got Coleman to entertain me while we wait!

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  1. Love it...I always loved that when the kids are older we are experiencing a lot more attitude and a little less