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Friday, May 27, 2011


I've let a month slide by since I've last blogged. Sorry. :) Things have been VERY busy around here the last few weeks, and I've been so tired, I haven't felt the energy to sit down and talk about it.

So, in the last month, Coleman had a birthday, Mark's had to work late a couple of times, I had two photo shoots, my hard drive had major issues and caused me all kinds of grief, my parents moved from my childhood home where they've been the last 34 years, to Newcastle, Mother's Day, I had an appointment with the endocrinologist, Mark preached a revival in Henryetta for 5 days, Mark's birthday and our 4th anniversary and our home visit from our midwife. See why I haven't had time to blog? :) I'll try to add more about all those events in the next few days.

37 weeks and waiting!

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  1. What and you could not find time to blog? lol You are lucky you are still standing! Can't wait to see the pictures of Walker. June is just around the corner. Be sure to rest some this weekend.