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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Pain...

Today is April 29th, 2011. It also happens to be the day that Kate Middleton & Prince William tie the knot. Now, if you're into that whole following celebrities, go for it. It's never been my thing. I really could care less they got married. Not to be rude, but I don't care if Brad Pitt gets married or Kate Hudson or really any other American celebrity, so British royalty does nothing for me either.

Mark posed the question on Facebook asking which of his friends would be watching the wedding. I noted I'd be watching the back of my eyelids. Sadly, that didn't happen. At 3:00 am, I was awakened with heart burn bad enough to choke a horse. I couldn't get any relief, except sitting straight up, which is miserable to me to do in bed. :/ I finally tossed and turned until I gave up and moved to the couch.

Here I was faced with a decision. Sit alone in the dark with my heartburn, grapes and cheese, or turn on the tv. The tv won. I was awake for almost 2 hours. I made it right up to the part Kate walked down the aisle and the minister said the typical, "We are gathered together here in the sight of God and this congregation" or something like it and I turned off the tv and went to bed. I'd seen her dress. My curiosity was satisfied. In the amount of time I watched, here's my list of things I found interesting. You don't have to agree, just my personal opinions. :) And did anyone else feel sorry for this horse and rider? Ouch!

1. The lack of window tinting on the vehicles is disturbing. Americans like our privacy.

2. Who knew William was already balding?

3. I’m so glad the queen isn’t my grandma.

4. It must suck to be Harry.

5. Charles is really old.

6. No one will ever love Camilla like they loved Diana. Ever.

7. The dresses of the mother of the bride and step mother of the groom are kinda pathetic. I was expecting something more,
well, royal.

8. How old IS the queen anyway?

9. Kate’s photographer's outfit is ridiculous (specifically, the one photographing her as she left the hotel).

10. I’m glad I'm not the photographer.

11. I can’t watch all this without thinking about Diana & remembering how she died. :(

12. Can you imagine the stress the mother of that youngest flower girl must be feeling? Will she pick her nose or do a pee pee
dance in front of millions?

13. How can a female body guard protect Kate while wearing a hat that obscures most of her view?

14. Kate really is lovely.

15. Are those real trees inside the Westminster Abby?

16. Interesting the bridal party follows the bride, while we have the reverse here.

17. Kate holds dads hand instead of arm. Hmmm...

18. How it must pain William to not be able to turn around and watch her come down the aisle!

19. I still have massive heart burn....

20. Hat or horns? You decide...

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